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Curious about “women’s specific” frames?

Information on Women's Specific Frames

They differ from “unisex” frames in their geometry.  Women’s specific frames shorten the top tube, adjust the seat angles, and incorporate a taller head tube to create a bike that is easier to control, maneuver, and feel comfortable on.  They are designed to keep women more balanced over the central point of the bike, the bottom bracket.

Let’s talk bodies: Most women, when standing next to a man of the same height, will have longer legs and shorter torsos.  We also have a lower center of gravity than men, and our legs are more powerful than our upper bodies. Our arms are shorter, and we have smaller hands.  All of these things add up to leave many women feeling stretched-out, unbalanced, or otherwise uncomfortable on “unisex” bikes. 

All of the adjustments made to women’s specific bikes take into account these differences in body geometry. Shortening the top-tube allows for a more comfortable reach, lengthening the head tube helps even out the drop from raising the seat to accommodate a longer leg, improving balance. Saddles are wider to allow for our hips, and a narrower handlebar is more comfortable for less broad shoulders and smaller hands.

Is a women’s specific bike right for you?

Of course, not all women will ride a women’s specific bike, and riding a correctly sized bike is vital.  Our wide selection of women’s specific and unisex bikes allow us to help you find your ideal fit. At Bike N' Hike, we'll help you figure out what the best bike for your body & lifestyle is, and help you make all the necessary adjustments for comfort.