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Northwest Trial Alliance (NWTA)

Northwest Trail Alliance

Bike N Hike supports off-road riding opportunities in the Portland area, and is proud to sponsor the Northwest Trail Alliance (formerly Portland United Mountain Pedalers) – an all-volunteer, non-profit organization based in Portland, Oregon.

The Northwest’s leading mountain bike advocacy and trail stewardship group was created in 1988 as a grassroots club of local riders, focused on maintaining bike access to Forest Park – Portland’s renown urban park. The NWTA has grown into a regional advocacy group, stewarding trails and advocating for trail access from Forest Park and Powell Butte within the city limits of Portland, to the southern foothills of Mount St Helens, to the western slopes of Mount Hood, to Tillamook State Forest and Scappoose. In December 2009, Northwest Trail Alliance enrolled in the newly launched chapter program of the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) and became the first IMBA Chapter in the Northwest- this means you are automatically helping out International Advocacy efforts when you join the NWTA!

To encourage you to join the NWTA and reward members for their commitment to Trail Access and Maintenance, Bike N Hike offers members in a 10% discount in regularly-priced parts and accessories. Be sure to show your card to get the discount!