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Bike N Hike Fit Services

Portland Fit Services Area

Ride to your fullest potential! We firmly believe that a good bike fit is fundamental to the riding experience. A proper bike fit can alleviate riding discomfort and improve performance. Getting professionally fit on a bike isn't just for racers or high-end enthusiasts. It's for any one that has a goal of being able to comfortably and efficiently pedal their bicycle.  A proper fit is able to blend the often asymmetrical human body and the symmetrical bicycle so that they can coexist in harmony.

Bike N' Hike fit specialists are continuously trained in bio-mechanical fit methods and stay current on the latest developments in bike fitting. The Complete Fit and the Complete Fit PLUS come with a ONE YEAR Comfort Guarantee.

Customer Pat: "I am enjoying my ride so much more thanks to the adjustments that were made. I have now ridden a couple hundred miles without shoulder tension or neck pain. Raising the handle bars did something unexpected - I now actually get lower more often than I did before! I love using the drop bars for hills - before I felt the 'drop' was too severe. I now have the flexibility of using my entire handle bars. The last ride (62 miles) my husband was the one with the neck pain! I suggested raising his bar! Thank you all! We'll be back."

Every new bike purchase includes a Basic Fit Adjustment.

*With-in the first year of a bicycle purchase from Bike N' Hike, we offer a 25% discount on our advanced fitting service fees.

Basic Fit Adjustment – Complimentary with purchase of bike

Size does matter when it comes to your bicycle. An improperly sized frame could be the beginning of cycling related issues and injuries. These issues could lead to the end of your riding. We at Bike N' Hike will always put the rider first when it comes to properly sizing a bicycle. We aren't on commission and we certainly aren't here to sell you on a bike that doesn't fit you. We will size the rider to the proper frame size. We will set the saddle height and fore-and-aft position in the approximate recommended range as well as the over-all rider position. 

The Complete Fit – $100

Ready to maximize your comfort and performance? The Complete Fit determines your ideal saddle height, saddle fore-and-aft, handlebar position, stem length, stem stack height and lever position to ensure your bike is best fit to you. We will also do a basic cleat adjustment. We start the fit with a quick information gathering questionnaire. The fit is then based on your riding preferences and goals as well as taking in to account any past or current injuries that may affect your riding. We’ll get you in to the optimal riding position so you get the most out of the time you spend on your bike.  Riders will receive a detailed measurement sheet for their records. This fit will take approximately 1½ hours to complete.

The Complete Fit PLUS – $150

This is the Complete Fit with the addition of a RAD cleat fitting. In simple terms, a RAD (Rotational Adjustment Device) is a tool developed by Fit Kit Systems to match each  individual's pedal cycling motion with his or her cleat. When adjusted correctly it helps eliminate stress on the knee, hip, and ankle, and also allows for safe pedal entry and exit. This fit will take approximately 2 ½ hours to complete.

Additional Fit Services

RAD Cleat Fit - $60

Using the RAD (Rotational Adjustment Device), we align the cleat with the natural angle of each foot while pedaling. This service reduces rotational stress on the ligaments and tendons of the ankles, knees, and hips. This service is the cleat adjustment only and does not include any additional fit adjustments. This takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

Bike Position Transfer - $60

Do you have more than one road, cross, or tri bike and wish they fit exactly the same? We record over two dozen measurements on key points that allow us to then replicate, as closely as possible, that same position on a second bike. Great for those who have already been professionally fit and are looking to make sure their position is correctly set up on a new bike.  Note, this IS NOT a fitting.  May require purchasing additional parts to complete. This takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

Aerobar Fit - $30

This surcharge is added to the cost of either the Complete Fit or the Complete Fit Plus. This service places the rider in the ideal position on a time trial, triathlon, or regular road bike equipped with aerobars or clip on bars. Will add approximately 30 minutes to the length of the fitting.

Custom Shoe Molding- $30

Many high-end shoes, like the Shimano R200 and R300 series, use thermoform materials allowing them to be custom molded using a convection oven and high pressure vacuum.  A benefit for those with different sized feet or bunions. The fitting takes approximately 45 minutes. Please bring cycling weight socks and be aware that the shoes need 24 hours to “cure” prior to use.

Basic Cleat Install - $10

No alignment, no fitting! Just your basic installation of cleats to shoes.

Set up an appointment.

Please note that parts and labor are additional.

Our fit specialist may recommend purchasing new parts in order to achieve an optimal fit position. These items may include, but are not limited to: stem, handlebar, saddle, seat post, shims, or a stem extender.  These items and their associated installation fees are not included in the fitting service.

The Complete Fit and Fit PLUS available at the Beaverton Bike N Hike location.

Fit Services at Bike N Hike Portland, Oregon