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Norco Indie 3 Women's
City streets are filled with unexpected obstacles, such as potholes, railway tracks, and construction zones, all of which conspire to upset your ride at any moment. The Indie is designed to help modern cyclists navigate unexpected situations that otherwise make cycling in the city so exciting. Every Indie looks right at home on the streets and delivers a fast, efficient, and comfortable ride.
Norco Indie Drop Claris
The Indie Drop Claris is perfect for commuting or just enjoying riding in the city that you live in. Packed with features and a design that will turn heads, the Indie Drop Claris was built for speed, comfort, and an overall efficient ride with Shimano Claris brakes, shifters, crankset, and 8spd wide-range drivetrain. With Schwalbe Marathon tires, this bike is right at home on the streets. Its relaxed geometry makes for long-distance comfort and confidence-inspiring stability for the many surfaces you may encounter as you cruise around town.
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